Note: This ritual is published in Denning, M. & Phillips, O. (2002). Mysteria Magica. Llewellyn.


(Stand in the centre of the place of working, or as nearly the centre as the arrangement of the chamber will allow.)

  1. Perform the Calyx.
  2. Advance to the East. Beginning at that point and returning thereto, move widdershins roundthe place of working, with hand outstretched tracing the circle.
  3. After completing the circle, return to the centre.
  5. Facing East, make the Gesture Cervus: At the first point vibrate ATHANATOS, at the second SELAE GENETES.
  6.  Turn to face North: make the Gesture, vibrating ISCHYROS at forst point, KYRIOS at the second.
  7.  Face West. Make the Gesture, vibrating ISCHYROS and PANKRATES.
  8.  Turn to face South. Make the Gesture vibrating ATHANATOS and THEOS.
  9.  Face East. Assume the Wand Posture then raise the arms to form a Tau. Vibrate:
  10. Repeat the Calyx.


The purpose of the ritual is to set astral and Briatic defenses in the demarcated area. Thus the Calyx charges the magiacian’s personality with the light divine and aligns her or him to the structure of the House of Sacrifice. The circle marks the area and sets it apart from “ordinary” reality. Then all impure, unbalanced elemental energies are banished before Briatic images of the great elemental Archons are invoked to guard the quarters.

“The ritual consists of both banishing and invocation: the four elements having been banished from the circle in their naturally confused and impure state, the mighty spiritual forces ruling the elements are invoked into symbolic egregores, to become Guardians of the Circle.”

Mysteria Magica

Tracing the Circle

Denning & Phillips write:

“The operator advances to the East. He traces the circle widdershins (i. e. counter-clockwise) with outsretched right hand. As he proceeds, he visualizes a shimmering wall of silver mist which he is thus drawing round the limits of the chamber: when he links the circle in the East this silver wall completely encompasses the place of working.”

Mysteria Magica

The Gesture Cervus

The Gesture Cervus is performed as follows:

  1. Assume the Wand Posture.
  2. Raise hands to frame forehead in triangle thumb to thumb and forefinger to forefinger. Inhale and visualize a brilliant white pentagram within the triangle formed by the fingers on your forehead.
  3. Exhale and at the same time vibrate ATHANATOS (or ISCHYROS).
  4. Inhale, strengthening your visualisation of the image of the pentagram.
  5. Exhale and while doing so fling hands apart and forward: visualize to fling the pentagram forward diffusing into the mist-wall in a burst of light, while vibrating SELAE GENETES (or KYRIOS/PANKRATES/THEOS).

Visualizing the Archons


Visualize a tall and slender form clad in a voluminous and billowing robe of yellow, heightened with traces of violet. When the image is established, vibrate TO THE EAST SOTER.

“While this figure is contemplated, a cool rushing wind is to be felt as emenating from the East. This wind should be felt inwardly to awaken the hidden aspirations and wordless hopes which have lain dormant in the toils of sloth and habitude: it sing to the inner ear of the potentialities of a life which reaches forth to the spiritual heights.”

Mysteria Magica


Visualize a lean muscular figure with an appearance of great strength, clad in a robe of brilliant red with changeful sparks of green, and standing amidst flames. This figure holds in his right hand a wand of burnished copper. When the image is established, vibrate TO THE SOUTH ALASTOR.

“While this figure is contemplated, a sensation of powerful heat is to be felt as emenating from the south. It should also be perceived inwardly the the fire from which this heat is generated is the fire of aspiration: there is in its power a kernel of inebriation too, as may be understood by recalling that Dionysus took birth from the all-consuming fire of Zeus.”


To the West visualize a tall and powerful figure standing amid foaming turbulent waters, clad in a robe of blue merging into highlights of orange, and holding in his left hand a silver cup. When the image is established, vibrate TO THE WEST ASPHALEIOS.

“While this figure is contemplated, the mighty surge of sea tides is imagined, pouring in successive waves from the West. Inwardly it should be felt that these waves are of the cold and shining waters which purify the intellect in their flood, healing it of unreason’s fever and tempering it as stell is tempered.”


Visualize a broad-shouldered placid figure, robed in indigo which gleams with flashes of pale gold, and standing upon wild grass studded with yellow flowers. In his left hand the figure bears a golden orb, in his right a golden sickle.  When the image is established, vibrate TO THE NORTH AMYNTOR.

“While this figure is contemplated, a felling of great peace and stability is to be imagined, for the succession of the seasons wipes out or mitigates past errors: the innocence of the Golden Age ever awaits us in earth’s renewal. Elemental Earth itself is the medium of nature’s work, and the instinctual faculties of man find their repose therein.”