If someone, after having thoroughly examined his will and having explored the basic exercises given, wants to begin his path of initiation within the Ordo Rosa Solis, he or she can apply for admission as a Probationer.

Probationers work towards their initiation into the First Hall. There is no formal commitment to the group or the work of the Ogdoadic Mysteries at that point. Probationers receive a manual with basic lessons and exercises to work on. They are supported by a mentor. Short monthly reports are required during that phase, which lasts several months at least.

If the work is persevered with, and is perceived as being useful and feeling “right”, one may be invited to the First Hall initiation by the chiefs of a House or Commandery.

Admission Requirements

Every woman and man over 21 years old can apply for Probationer Admission.

Since the writings of the Ogdoadic Tradition mostly aren’t translated into German, it is necessary to have command over sufficient English skills to read and understand the literature.

Previous knwoledge in the Western Mystery Tradition, Hermetic Qabalah, or in methods and practices of ceremonial magick are helpful, but in no way necessary for admission.

We speak English and German.


If it is one’s will to become a Probationer, he/she shall contact the administrator of the Citadel of Pharos and introduce himself, his background and intentions. After some initial correspondence via email, a phone call or – given the possibility – a one-on-one interview can be scheduled.

Since initiation is by invitation only (which can arise from a request for admission), please understand that requests may be refused without giving reasons. But decisions are not made on basis of sexual, racial or gender orientation.

Please also read the Ogdoadic FAQ, which contains much helpful  further information.