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Ordo Rosa Solis

Citadel of Pharos

About The Citadel of Pharos

Pharos by Fischer von Erlach

Citadel of Pharos ist a body of the Ordo Rosa Solis. It is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Commanderie of Albion and the House of Thoth. It is committed to the ideals of the Ogdoadic Tradition and serves to be contacted by and to counsel seekers on their path of the Great Work. Citadel of Pharos also serves to admit Probationers, not exclusively, but mostly from German speaking countries and continental Europe.

The Administrator of the Citadel of Pharos discovered the Ogdoadic Tradition after a long journey through different orders and groups of the Western Mystery Tradition. He fell in love with it and has sticked to the Ogdoadic Tradition since 2013. He is deeply impressed with the harmony and the beauty of the rituals and initiation rites, as well as their efficacy. He has been engaged in the Western Mystery Tradition for more than 10 years now. He is interested in companionship with other seekers.

He has a background in clinical psychology and has undergone tranining in depth psychology, with focus on Analytical Psychology in the tradition of Carl Gustav Jung. Besides he is trained in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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