The Citadel of Pharos offers a local magickal study group for those intereted in the Magickal Philosophy. Members will meet about one to two times a month near Heidelberg, Germany, for personal encounter, theoretical studies in the Ogdoadic Tradition and simple practices from the fundus of the Western Mystery Tradition.  It is open for beginners and advanced students alike, but its focus is on beginning students.

The study group can – but doesn’t have to – be accompanied by the Probationer program.

No formal affiliation is made at that point.


The following topics can be part of the meetings, depending on the needs and the interests of the group:

  • Hermetic and neoplatonic philosophy
  • The Ogdoadic Tradition
  • Qabalah in the Western Mystery Tradition, Hermetic Qabalah
  • Magick and ritual, theurgy in theory and (basic) practice
  • Basic techniques of meditation
  • The spiritual path of initiation and development in the Western Mystery Tradition
  • Principles of micro and macrocosm
  • Analytical Psychology  and the concept of Individuation of C. G. Jung

Topics may be concerned with other traditions as well, if there are any interesting similarites to the Ogdoadic Tradition.


In accordance with the constitution of the order, a study group is to be a service for the Ogdoadic Tradition, therefore no fees are charged.

Admission Requirements

Every man and every woman above the age of 21 may according to his own free will contact the Administrator of the Citadel of Pharos for admission. There will be no formal affiliation with Rosa Solis or the Citadel of Pharos at that point.  Nonetheless it might be helpful to take part in a group with a certain regularity. Members should have no diagnosed severe mental health issues.

The group’s standard language would be German, but we also speak English and of course it is necessary to be able to read and understand English well enough, since the text corpus of the Ogdoadic Tradition and the writings of the Magickal Philosophy haven’t been translated into German.

The study group meets locally, so it would be necessary to be able to travel to the Region of Heidelberg on a monthly basis at least.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Administrator via


A studygroup starts with an essential study of the works summarized under “The Magickal Philosophy” (TMP) by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips:

  • Vol. 1: Foundations of High Magick
  • Vol. 2: The Sword and the Serpent (und insbesondere der enthaltene zweite Teil „The Triumph of Light”)
  • Vol. 3: Mysteria Magica …

… is not focused on very much, because much of the content of that work is preoccupied with advanced forms of High Magick. Some of the texts may be useful for a study group, though.

Focus will be on Hermetic Qabalah and its cosmology and psychology as set forth in Vol. 2 of TMP. Basics of Jungian Psychology may be discussed. Additional texts may be used as the groups interests dictate.


When interested, individuals may write an email to the Administrator of the Citadel of Pharos and state his/her background and intentions. After a first contact an in-person-interview can be scheduled. If both parties agree, one can take part in a meeting and decide then. There will be no formal affiliation to the study group or the order at that point, it is no problem to leave the group at any time without giving reasons.

Requests may be refused without giving reasons, please understand. But decisions are not made on basis of sexual, racial or gender orientation. Please also read the Ogdoadic FAQ, which contaons much helpful further information.