Ordo Rosa Solis is an initiatic magickal order in the Ogdoadic Tradition of the Western Mystery Tradition. Its lineage is Aurum Solis – Astrum Sophiae – Rosa Solis. We are committed to the ideals of Spiritual Regeneration and the manifestation of the ambience and Light of the eightfold Glorious Star. The fivefold pattern of the House of Sacrifice is at once both the method of reaching attainment and an image of the structure of our psyche. Initiates undergo training in the tradtional degree structure, which consists of three grades, the so called Halls. The path of initiation is focused on practice – magickal and theurgic. Instructions consist of public and non public material of the Ogdoadic Tradition.

Citadel of Pharos, situated in southern Germany, near Heidelberg, is a body of the Ordo Rosa Solis dedicated to foster and accompany seekers and initiates with the attainment of Gnosis and Regeneration within the Ogdoadic Tradition. As a Citadel it serves as contact as well as an entrypoint into the Ordo Rosa Solis. Initiation is by invitation only. Seekers may request admission as a Probationer.

The Ogdoadic Tradition is a branch of the beautiful tree of the Western Mystery Tradition, which draws from the Hermetica and is distinct from its Rosicrucian and Thelemic counterparts. Other sources are Neoplatonism, Qabalah, ceremonial magick and mysticism. Its main text corpus in modern times has been set forth in the works of Melita Denning’s and Osborne Phillip’s “The Magickal Philosophy”.